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The simplest way to eat healthy is to eat fresh, naturally grown food. The farm produces venison and grass fed beef. We offer quality cuts as well as a variety of sausages, smokies and cured meats. We also have made on-site jams, jellies and preserves available. In the summer months we grow a wide variety of vegetables. Visit our onsite store July & August  or find us at the outdoor Comox Valley Farmers Market, May through to October. We also do curb side pick-up or visit the store by appt. in 

 in our off-season. 

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Farm Raised Venison


For over 30 years Seaview Game Farm has been committed to raising high quality venison products free of any stimulants such as growth hormones or antibiotics.


Farm raised venison is deer meat raised by farmers, rather than hunted in the wild. Our Fallow deer enjoy a free range lifestyle in a combination of wooded areas and open pastures. The pastures provide grass for the deer to graze and we supplement their diet with grain and hay produced on the farm.

Grass Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is meat from cattle that have never eaten anything other than their mother’s milk and grass.


Our cattle enjoy a free range lifestyle on flat, green and easy-living pastures. The pastures provide them with grass to graze and we also feed them hay grown right here on the farm.  You never have to worry about hormones or antibiotics in your meat.


Seasonal Vegetables


We grow a variety of seasonal vegetables in our gardens and greenhouses. We pride ourselves in keeping our vegetables free from pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers.


Taste the difference in our fresh, naturally-grown produce! 



At Seaview we offer a variety of preserves, including jams, pepper jellies, relishes, salsa, tomato sauce and pickles all made with produce grown on the farm or from local farms.

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